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Get the best results by involving the right people, at the right time, in better ways

Collaborative Change Management

Facilitate change by including key stakeholders and sharing responsibility for making it a really good change. 

The people most affected by a decision to make a change play an active role in planning and executing the change. In effect, they join the leaders and architects of the change as designers and builders.

A few examples of when to engage Interaction Associates to support your collaborative approach to change:

  • Merger or acquisition
  • Implementing a business or culture strategy
  • Redesigning a performance management process

Our consultants help your steering team develop a plan for meaningful stakeholder participation. We advise change process leaders on ways to build support, overcome objections, and leverage early adaptor interest and talent.

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Cross-Functional Team Effectiveness

Cross-functional (or cross-boundary) teams are often composed of people with different priorities, work habits, and professional identities.

Improving team effectiveness requires building alignment in key areas, e.g., goals, roles, and processes, while establishing routines that leverage team member talents and points-of-view.

Examples of when to engage Interaction Associates:

  • Developing enterprise guidelines and tools for teams
  • Launching a mission-critical team
  • A key team or cross-functional initiative is stalled. 

Our consultants help initiative sponsors and team leaders define the presenting problem, opportunity or strategic intent, and develop inclusive plans for stakeholder involvement. We facilitate key team meetings and transfer capability along the way.

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Executive Team Building

Hiring the right chief executive or other C-level officer is just one success factor in a leadership transition. Over 40% of new CEOs fail or leave within 18 months. Aside from picking the wrong person, the major cause of failure is because the executive team never jells.

New executives are expected to hone and share their vision of success, win the hearts and minds of employees, and demonstrate some quick wins-- all before initiating the long march to sustainable performance. Our job is to help the new chief build effective operating norms with his or her new team.

When should you use this service?

  • A new CEO has just been selected
  • Several C-levels have left or joined
  • The Board has concerns about C-Suite alignment

Based on their understanding of organizational context and key stakeholder interests, our consultants provide options for new C-level leaders by building and completing a checklist of 30-60-90 day activities and desired outcomes.  We facilitate key meetings and, as needed, help reconcile differences before they turn into a problem.

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Strategy Alignment

Most strategies – even thoughtful ones -- end up in the virtual archive. This usually happens because key players don't buy-in to the strategy or the team can’t adjust quick enough to changes in the environment.

Interaction Associates is a post-inspiration consulting firm. That means we come onto the scene after the bold idea has been defined, a positive cost-benefit analysis is complete, and the leader is motivated.

When should you use this service?

  • CEO or senior leader wants to make a major move but hasn’t fully enrolled the senior team or key stakeholders.
  • External circumstances have changed and the leader wants to make a course correction.

Our consultants help the leader understand stakeholder interests, scan for pitfalls, define mission-critical decisions and agreements, facilitate stakeholder buy-in meetings, and define key elements of execution planning.

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